Phrase I most hate hearing


I hope so and so learned their lesson…. If you knew the side eyes I give this ….irritates me so bad


crazysexyray asked:
*sighs* was it that bad lol i mean people now a days just drag people for no reason

She must spent her royalties checks. It wasn’t that bad it was just small….

crazysexyray asked:
I had a feeling faith wasnt coming back because she said her kids a growing up and i said to myself oh shes gone tbh idk too much for meelah but latavia should be interesting imo they should have added fantasia her last two albums were beyond good

Yeah Faith has her part behind the scene they could have kept nikki if I knew this mess lol.

I just want to see what latavia going to say, meelah knowing how she is she’s going to push her son and the musiq car, and her being in the group.

They was dragging Latavia apartment lol

Anonymous asked:
Ciara pics are giving me life 😍😍😍😍

She looks sooooo beautiful!

Anonymous asked:
No. Nathan and her broke up months ago. She's single which is one of the reasons why these blogs are doing the most

Aw i liked them together. Blogs don’t know anything, they publish any lie that sounds okay enough to put through.



Simply Ciara with W Magazine


Yes! !!

I can’t lol HL lies all time. Lol who you think is behind it? The freaks has a paper trail lol

crazysexyray asked:
ok so I watched the video leaving the club was it me or did I see my hitta my hitta in the back seat with those girls from the club while *coughs* sat in the front seat and kept turning back to see what was going on in the backseat like GOODNESS THAT IT TOO FUNNY!!! but i didnt watch r&b divas last night on purpose but does it look like this season will be good? but u gotta remember faith was like in 4 episodes last season she was barely there and plus her kids are growing up she said

Lol he sat in the back. If that was my boyfriend?! For one the girls wouldn’t reach the back get yourself out and ride how you came. For him you sit yourself the front seat. What you doing ?oh I know being single. Bye.

I miss Faith! ! Omg last night was blahhh. And i’m not dealing with crazy fake meelah lol

Whaat? Lol please i can’t! ! Lol they need to stop !

Thank you rue21 for making me a promo girl.

Anonymous asked:
Ariana has a boyfriend?

Yes. Nathan from the wanted.

keep ya hands in the air if you spendin’ the night…

Nanananana !

keep ya hands in the air if you spendin’ the night…

Nanananana !

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Anonymous asked:
Wooow this anon is crazy to said Chris will get married Karruchi !

Chris is going to be married to his freedom. That anon was hilarious.
What are you doing? :)